Friday, October 23, 2009

World level, the number of kidney cancer in the category of urinary tract cancer ranks second only to bladder cancer. These cancers are more common in the age of 40 upwards, with the highest percentage of 40-60 years of age. But this time, kidney cancer can strike any person with a variety of ages ranging from 3-4 years early age, young and in old age at 80-90 years. Incidence of kidney cancer in men and women are not equal, the ratio of men more than double the women.

The main causes of kidney cancer is generally associated with the environment. Environmental pollution, in the form of exhaust fumes can also be influential. The second factor of the internal factors of self can also be influential, such as diet, lifestyle and smoking. WHO data even mention that, overweight or obesity is also one of the symptoms cause significant cancer. In addition, genetic factors or descendants also have a role in causing this cancer.

Symptoms of kidney cancer at an early stage so that the lighter difficult to find. Symptoms will appear at an advanced stage when the tumor grows large can look like, hematuria, or blood urine, arising lump and pain.

Diagnosis for kidney cancer can be performed using ultrasound or CT-scan/MRI, and urine examination. Lastly, can also perform biopsy to confirm diagnosis.

Treatment for primary kidney cancer is surgery because it can lift up keakarnya cancer. However, this action is difficult and risky for patients with end-stage. For the method of radiotherapy and chemotherapy is less able to provide maximum results in the treatment of kidney cancer, so the operation and treatment bioterapi has an important role.

Modern Hospital Guangzhou has a few new methods in the treatment of cancer. The method is as follows: Multi-Radio Frequency Ablation of cancer cells to burn to death right on target; Therapy Cryosurgery-freezing the cancer cells; knife radio-Planting particles intended kesasaran seed particles with lethal cancer tissue; immune therapy of Modern Biology and Genetic Therapy superconducting-way treatment which has the maximum development; Intercurrent Local Transaterial Chemotherapy; combination of East-West medicine. Based on the state of the disease must also be accompanied by a combination therapy with herbal diet, psychological therapy and exercise.

New treatment methods mentioned above is more secure, effective, safe, minimal side effects, with maximum results and almost no side effects. This method helps improve the quality of life of patients.

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Rossbaru October 23, 2009 at 5:58 PM  

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